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Meditate to Creativity

Meditate to Creativity

Meditation isn’t just one of those hippy-dippy things that people do. It’s one of the most peaceful and effective practices for the body and mind. You have the chance to destress, unwind, and explore new elements about yourself and this world. Did you know you can also meditate your way to creativity?

Explore your mind

One of the biggest benefits of meditating is that you get to explore your mind in ways that you never thought possible. You have the chance to open alleys that you never knew existed and find out more about yourself and your capabilities. 

When you meditate, you don’t think of a blank space or stop yourself from thinking about anything. You give your mind the permission to explore and focus on imaginative play. This is a time for you to actually be at one with yourself and your imagination. One of the biggest road blocks of creativity is your day to day stresses and challenges. Meditation allows you to keep these roadblocks at bay while your mind is free to play. 

Explore the World

You don’t just need to spend your time in the real world  when meditating. When they say find somewhere peaceful, it doesn’t have to be a meadow you’ve visited or a waterfall that you know exists. 

You get the chance to explore different worlds and universes. Your mind has the chance to take you places that would normally never be possible.  Ever wish you could explore the surface of the moon? Or dance on top of the ocean waves?  With meditation and the discipline to make it a daily habit, there is nothing you can't do and nowhere you can't go. 

This opens your creativity and builds it stronger than ever before. You create the worlds in your mind, create the pathways to them, and get the chance to meet the animals and see the sights. Meditating and conjuring up these new experiences is like putting your mind through a marathon that helps it grow stronger and more creative without stressing it out or bogging it down with over stimulation that is so prevalent in todays world. 

This creativity will follow you into the real world. You have the chance to take yourself there when you just want some peace from the daily stresses. The best thing is that anybody with a mind can  benefit from this with very little effort. 

Imagine how inspired and creative you would be if you truly got to walk on the surface of the moon. Think of all the ideas that would dance around your mind if you could fly over the Golden Gate Bridge during sunset. 

These things ARE possible. 

My challenge to you is this. Try it out for 21 days. Commit to learning mindfulness for just 21 days with the intention of sparking your creativity as the end goal.  Do it every day for 15 minutes. I like to do mine in the morning before I start my day but you can do it at whatever time works best for you.   

By the end of 21 days if you don't see a dramatic increase in your mood, spirituality and creativity then just write me an email and tell me I have wasted your time and energy and I'll gladly send you a special gift as an apology. 

My guess is that after 21 days you will see first hand how amazingly powerful this simple practice is.

If you are looking for a good place to start I have included a few links to this blog post. These are great resources for anybody who is just strating out and best of all....They are free :)