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Creativity: the magic formula

My goal with this book is to share with you the tools and stories I have used to find my inner creative superhero.  Creativity truly did save my life and this book is my gratitude prayer to it. My hope is that it adds value to your life and sparks a creative inferno inside you that changes your life in ways unimaginable

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CREATIve KIDdos: the busy parents guide to creative exploration with your children

As a father of two young children (3&5) I know how challenging it can be to motivate and nurture your child's creativity muscle. Life gets busy and priorities seem to get piled one on top of the other. If you're looking for a fun and easy way to get your children practicing creativity then this book is for you. 

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52 Ways to boost your creativity: let your natural creativity flow with these funtivities 

Learn 52 ways to boost your creativity while having fun, relieving stress and letting your inner child run rampt. This book will give you a constant flow of ideas to get your hands and mind working. Think of these as meditation in motion. 

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Creative Magic: learn to spark your creativity

Creative Magic has the formula YOU need to kick start your Magic Creativity AND Career. This book is for the magician who wants to create magic and make money while doing it. 

You are going to learn 16 effects that Adam uses at EVERY paying show he does. These are tricks that pay the bills AND book shows over and over again. 

You are going to learn HOW to create miracles. Every step of the creative process is explained including 9 EXERCISES in creativity that ALWAYS produce results and ORIGINAL TRICKS. 

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Event Planning success: how to avoid the common mistakes that can ruin your event

This book is a valuable resource for any event planner looking for ways to overcome the obstacles and complications they face on a daily basis, make events more memorable, and their jobs easier. Adam Wilber interviews event planners known for their innovative practices, and gets them to share insights you'll be able to use when planning your event, no matter how large and challenging.