"Innovation is the power that moves us forward and creativity is the catalyst."

My mission is simple -

I will spark an inferno of creativity into every audience and business that I cross paths with.

The Keynote Speaker that Everyone Needs to Hear

Adam Wilber is a bestselling author, world-renowned magician, entrepreneurial wizard, and innovation expert with something to say. Every single person can learn how to be creative, grow their innovation quotient, and flip the script to see the world with a different perspective. Through energy, humor, and a magnetic spark, Adam commands the stage and awakens your creative power to harness the innovative thoughts that you have yet to recognize.

 Creativity: The Magic Formula started a movement and inspired the launch of four more books that are the must-have manuals for creative growth. Now, you can go beyond the pages and learn directly from a world-renowned creativity coach. Welcome an inspiring, powerful voice to your stage and foster a culture of innovation with Adam Wilber as your keynote speaker.

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Spark an inferno of creativity with a keynote speaker that your audience will never forget. As a bestselling author and innovation expert, Adam Wilber delivers unparalleled insight. Every keynote speech is customizable to your strategy and you will walk away with tangible, powerful strategies that revolutionize creative thinking. Best of all, it’s not just talk - Adam speaks with a commanding stage presence and visually stunning illusions that enchant audiences of all sizes from the first moment to the last.

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How often do you practice creative thought? Adam Wilber proves every day that creativity is a learned skill and that everyone can improve with the right strategies and mindset. His collaborative workshops teach proven systems of creative thinking along with foolproof tools for innovation. The positive, engaging atmosphere challenges your norms and inspires a culture of creativity. Practice alongside a creative coach and walk away with a revolutionary card game that keeps the spark of innovative thought alive.

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Building A Creative Legacy

Since the age of six as a budding magician, Adam Wilber has been pushing boundaries and rejecting the norms that limited so many other artists. He faced many creative challenges, but devised a systematic approach to creative problem solving that is truly limitless. His mindset for innovation has led to the creation of award-winning inventions and never-before-seen illusions that stunned huge audiences and famous figures on national television.

Tailored to Your event 

Captivate your audience and drive home an inspiring message that will shift thinking and make waves. As a professional speaker, Adam customizes the performance to match your strategy and address the details that are most important to your business or organization. The transformative power of his concepts is enhanced with clear strategies and an engaging voice. Paired with eye-catching illusions, clean, relatable humor, and stunning visuals, Adam Wilber is a compelling, must-see keynote speaker.

Proven Business Application

How does a creative coach translate to business sense? Adam runs the world’s largest magic company and has successfully launched a line of multi-million-dollar magic tricks and props with engaging, highly converting marketing campaigns. His top priority is to help businesses and individuals use creativity and innovation to achieve lofty goals and solve pressing challenges. Learn how to analyze problems and develop creative solutions like never before with proven, actionable innovation tools.

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  Creativity is a conception that has eluded scientists for eons. Where does it come from? Are only some gifted with it? Do muses whisper secrets in our ears to create what has not yet been seen? I think that our minds are constantly swimming in creativity. All we need to do is embrace what we already possess, learn how to recognize it, and grab onto it!
  We are meant to innovate, grow, expand, develop, and change the earth. We create instinctively. And that’s what I want each of you to remember: how creativity flows in our veins and propels our lives forward in unexpected and exciting ways when we are open to it!
 My goal with this book is to share with you the tools and stories I have used to find my inner creative superhero.  Creativity truly did save my life and this book is my gratitude prayer to it. My hope is that it adds value to your life and sparks a creative inferno inside you that changes your life in ways unimaginable. 
Thank you for being here,