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Boston Based Magician & Mentalist Adam Wilber Provides Corporate And Private Event Entertainment  - Call Adam Today: 802-578-6633 for private party, corporate function, trade show & other exceptional event entertainment. 


Boston Magician & Mentalist

Adam Wilber


 Get ready for a magic and mind reading experiance like nothing you've ever seen.  You will witness a lighthearted yet sophisticated show that will engage and entertain your entire group.  These shows last between 5 and 45 minutes depending on what your needs are and they incorporate today's most exclusive and entertaining magic and mentalism. Perfect for after dinner programs, conferences, sales meetings, and fund raisers. Each show can be customized to fit your events theme and agenda. 


A strolling magician is the perfect way to help your guests break the ice, start mingling and set a warm and upbeat mood for your event. Adam is known world wide for his unique and creative close up magic. His creations have been featured on some of the biggest TV shows and news outlets in the world. You can bring these same tricks to your guests first hand for an experience they will talk about long after your event is over.  Strolling magic is Adam's most requested service for a reason... it works! 

Artisan / Author / Pioneer

These aren’t the normal words you would expect to find when looking to learn more about a Boston magician for your event; whether it’s your office holiday party or someone to lecture at your magic club’s monthly meeting. Yet these are the traits that have made Adam Wilber one of the most sought after figures in his field today. That’s not to say that Adam Wilber isn’t amazing, funny, and entertaining. To the contrary, those are actually how he’s been described by the Syfy Channel, c|net, and the staff at Google. But it’s his innovation and contributions to the world and art of magic that has put him in such high demand; both with the public and his fellow magicians.

When Adam was six years old, he showed his first magic trick to his father and, at that moment, he knew that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. That look of wonder and joy on his dad’s face triggered something in Adam that made him know, even at such a young age, that he was born to create, and perform, magic. Devoting not just his childhood, but his entire life, to the art of magic, Adam has become the GM of the most successful magic store of all time, and has gone on to create products (such as PYRO, seen in the video above), magic tricks, decks of playing cards, and illusions that are used by fellow magicians all over the world. What’s more, is that all of these can be seen live, when Adam comes to your event.

Corporate Magician Adam Wilber

Magician in Boston performing magic.

Don’t let Adam’s pioneering and creator image fool you; when Adam arrives at your function he is the epitome of high energy, fun, and class. He’s the perfect solution for your upcoming corporate or private event; whether it’s set in a small private dining room or an enormous convention center. Adam delivers fast-paced, highly interactive comedy magic that is guaranteed to keep your audience rolling in the aisles and will be displaying cutting edge magic that has never been seen before. It’s this unique opportunity, to see magic performed by its creator, that has garnered Adam millions of views and spots on NBC, Good Morning America, Discovery Channel and SyFy, while also performing for companies such as Google, Hilton Hotels, NCIS, Intel and BMW. 

Boston magician Adam Wilber and his family

Adam performs in Boston Massachusetts, New York city and all over the East Coast.  While not travelling the country performing, lecturing, and keynote speaking on creativity, design, and imagination; Adam can be found outside in nature with his family and friends.