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With services ranging from large corporate magic shows, intimate close up performance and empowering keynote speeches, Adam Wilber knows how to stun a crowd. Do you have a unique event or challenge? Reach out for a free consultation and discover what’s possible. 

Elevate Your Next Event with Mind-Blowing Corporate Entertainment 

Whether you’re looking for a corporate magician to shock your audience with precise sleight of hand and unbelievable mentalism or you need an inspiring motivational speaker to make waves, Adam Wilber is the answer. Adam has built a career as a revolutionary magician and keynote speaker, inventing never-before-seen illusions and writing transformative creativity manuals.

Adam is one of the most creative magicians alive today with an arsenal of his own magic trick inventions and props that stun on every stage. In addition to fooling small crowds at parties with close-up magic, he also has the commanding, energetic presence to captivate huge crowds from a large stage. Adam combines the art of mentalism, sleight of hand, and illusions with approachable, classy comedy that everyone will love.

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Have a general question about services? Browse the FAQ for more information and submit the form below to contact Adam directly – you’ll get an answer back within a day. Whether you’re looking to schedule corporate entertainment or arrange a keynote speaker for your next event, we look forward to planning with you.

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What services do you offer? click

As a professional speaker, and world-class magician, Adam will entertain and inspire. Corporate entertainment magic is available for main stage conferences with thousands of attendees or you can request mingling, intimate magic for private house parties. No event is too large or too small. Foster a culture of problem solving and learn how to be creative with transformative keynote speeches and workshops on innovation.

What events do you perform at? click

As a professional magician, Adam performs at more than 200 events every year, ranging from corporate events, award banquets, country clubs, conferences, and holiday parties to bar & bat mitzvahs, fairs, theaters, and private parties. Keynote speaking and creativity workshops are available for conferences, corporate retreats, association meetings, colleges, and more.

How long is the show? click

Every magic performance, keynote speech, and innovation workshop is tailored to your specific needs. The length and focus can be adjusted for you because the success of your event is our top priority. Whether you need a 15-minute speech during a business meeting or a full 60-minute magic showcase after the conference dinner, we’ve got you covered.

Will the show be appropriate for my event? click

Adam’s shows, speeches, and workshops utilize magic, mind-reading, and comedy to captivate and connect with the audience. Off-color humor and offensive language are intentionally left out so that everyone can enjoy the performance. We guarantee a classy, responsible experience that is safe for all ages and corporate settings.

Do you travel for performances and speeches? click

Yes, Adam is available to travel worldwide.

Do you offer a guarantee? click

We are proud to offer a 100% money-back guarantee and we stand behind all of our services. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with the show, workshop, or keynote speech, then you won’t pay a dime. This guarantee has been available for more than a decade and no one has yet to be unimpressed with an Adam Wilber performance.

How do I book Adam? click

Contact Adam directly by filling out the inquiry form or send an email to info@adamwilber.com. We work directly with many entertainment agencies and professional speaker bureaus, but we are always eager to connect with new organizations. If your planner doesn’t know Adam, let’s change that! Get in touch and let’s start planning today.

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Bring Adam Wilber’s world-renowned magic to the stage and enjoy visually stunning illusions paired with high-energy comedy. All jokes, audience participation, and magic tricks are designed to impress, not offend, and they’re corporate-clean. This type of magical entertainment is perfect for conferences, awards dinners, private parties, business meetings, and hospitality suites. Don’t just fill time – instead, capitalize on it with magic that entertains, excites, and inspires.  You can click the video above to see a short sample of the show you will be getting when you work with Adam.


Casual, intimate magic tricks add energy to the atmosphere and bring people together for a more memorable experience. Adam Wilber’s strolling magic is designed for cocktail hours, private parties, graduations, and VIP suites when people are networking, celebrating, or mingling. Your guests will never forget the unique opportunity to witness world-class magic up close and Adam will shock the crowd with impressive sleight of hand. Get everyone talking without committing to a formal stage show.  You can click the video below to get an idea of what to expect when you work with Adam.

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Corporate Magician Adam Wilber Provides Interactive Entertainment For Your Next Event

The Adam Wilber Guarantee 

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Transformative Value

Book with confidence! Every service has a 100% money-back guarantee because you deserve the best entertainment that exceeds expectations. With over 15 years of performing experience, Adam knows how important it is for you to prove your ROI and he’s ready to deliver.


Universal Appeal

Adam’s unique style of comedy magic is the perfect solution for corporate engagements and private parties. Precise sleight of hand, impressive mentalism, and visually-stunning tricks are guaranteed to wow people from all walks of life. Best of all, the clean comedy keeps everyone laughing and smiling from start to finish.


Unmatched Flexibility

Your event success is our top priority. Whether you’re planning a special, large-scale performance with unique challenges, you need to fill time during a last-minute scheduling emergency, or you want a relatable creativity coach for a diverse group of people, Adam will go the extra mile to give your guests the performance of a lifetime.

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