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  Creativity is a conception that has eluded scientists for eons. Where does it come from? Are only some gifted with it? Do muses whisper secrets in our ears to create what has not yet been seen? I think that our minds are constantly swimming in creativity. All we need to do is embrace what we already possess, learn how to recognize it, and grab onto it!
  We are meant to innovate, grow, expand, develop, and change the earth. We create instinctively. And that’s what I want each of you to remember: how creativity flows in our veins and propels our lives forward in unexpected and exciting ways when we are open to it!
 My goal with this book is to share with you the tools and stories I have used to find my inner creative superhero.  Creativity truly did save my life and this book is my gratitude prayer to it. My hope is that it adds value to your life and sparks a creative inferno inside you that changes your life in ways unimaginable. 
Thank you for being here,